Giftabulator - See the Impact of Your Donation

Giftabulator is a financial tool for individuals to use to explore ways to reduce or even eliminate tax implications, while maximizing their charitable gift to the charity, or charities of their choice! Whether giving now, or estate planning to give in the future, CFPEI’s Giftabulator makes giving clearer than ever.

This information is provided for illustrative purposes only. Although every precaution has been taken in the preparation of this material, FUNDING matters® Inc. and the Community Foundation of PEI assume no liability for errors and omissions. To assist you in taking the next step, please contact your accountant, lawyer, financial advisor or the Community Foundation of PEI. The information provided on the GIFTABULATOR® application is for educational purposes only. The examples of specific outcomes that are illustrated are for informational purposes only and are not recommendations. No information or data is stored on the website and thus your information is completely anonymous. The scenarios presented in the GIFTABULATOR® application are not meant to provide legal, accounting, tax, financial or other professional services/advice. All materials are provided as is without warranty. Although every precaution has been taken in the preparation of this material, FUNDING matters® Inc. assumes no liability for errors and omissions.
– Lifetime Capital Gains Exemption: A capital gains exemption of $835,714 is available for small business corporation shares and fishing property. For farms it is at $1,000,000. Note that the value utilized for the capital gains exemption is $835,714. This exemption can only be used once during life, per person, for both small business shares, and farms. The GIFTABULATOR® Tool is for illustrative purposes only, and for any business donations, it should be handled by a tax professional.
– Salary Income Amount: User selection of income range will result in the selection of an income amount that will place them at the lowest of the income bracket selected.
Bequest Amount: A bequest is an amount you can donate to receive a tax credit. It is calculated using cash, registered investments, real estate (non-principal residence) and/ or other assets. Please note that you can donate your primary residence, however, it has been omitted here because primary residences are not taxed.

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