Ways to Donate

Your Community Makes You and You Make Your Community. You have spent your life making choices that define you and give your life its meaning and purpose. Creating your personal legacy through the Community Foundation of PEI can express who you are to your community right now, and can extend that sense of purpose and meaning beyond your own years. Whether you focus on a cause or a charity, whether you memorialize someone you love or look forward to real community change, a gift to the Community Foundation of PEI can help you achieve your goals. You can give meaning to others.

Gifts of Cash or Property

When you make an “outright gift” of cash or property to the CFPEI, every dollar goes to work the moment it is given, providing vital current support to local programs and/or building endowment funds (and generating ongoing endowment income). An outright gift gives you the satisfaction of seeing your gift at work and knowing that lives are being touched right now because you cared.  There are many ways to give gifts of cash including: cash, cheque, e-transfer, credit card and online through our CFPEI Canada Helps Portal.  Our flexible options allow you to donate a single time or also set up recurring payments on a  monthly or annual basis.  Your wish is our command and we will work with each donor to assist them in contributing  to worthy causes however they desire!

Appreciated Securities

Gifting stock or securities through the CFPEI allows you to receive a tax receipt for the full amount.  In addition to saving taxes of approximately 45% to 50% on the full value of the donation (if your total annual donations exceed $200), the taxes on capital gains on the eligible stock or securities will also be eliminated.  You can benefit from this added incentive to reduce the real cost of your charitable giving or to use it to increase the amount of your gift without increasing your cost to support your favourite charities.

Gifts of Life Insurance

Life insurance is the one asset almost everyone has. For the young parent with limited dollars, it is a way to protect the family against economic loss in the event of a parent’s premature death. For the business owner, it may provide dollars to buy out a deceased partner’s interest or compensate for the loss of a key manager. For older individuals, it provides the liquidity needed to settle an estate and pay taxes.  Life insurance has another important use: it is a popular and practical way to make a significant gift to a charity with either the premiums or the death benefit eligible for a charitable donation receipt.

Bequests of Gifts by Will

An outright gift gives you the satisfaction of seeing your gift at work and knowing that lives are being touched right now!  Will Power is what you create when you prepare a thoughtful will: The power to use the accumulated fruits of a lifetime to provide as you see fit, rather than as the government determines.  When you include the CFPEI and/or local charities in a will, you are using Will Power to help strengthen community programs and purposes you believe in for generations to come.

Donate a Car

Donate a Car Canada accepts Vehicle Donations for  the Community Foundation of Prince Edward Island.  Free towing is provided in most areas across Canada, or you can drop off your vehicle to maximize your donation. When you donate your car, truck, RV, boat, or motorcycle to the Community Foundation of Prince Edward Island through Donate A Car Canada, it will either be recycled or sold at auction (depending on its condition, age and location). Donate a Car Canada will look after all the details to make it easy for the Community Foundation of Prince Edward Island to benefit. After your vehicle donation is complete, our charity will send you a tax receipt and will put your gift to good use.

Note to reader: The purpose of this publication is to provide general information, not to render legal or financial advice. In addition any changes in the tax legislation may affect the examples listed in this information. You should consult your lawyer, accountant and/or other professional advisors about the applicability of this information to your specific situation.

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