Dr. Angus Beck Comfort & Care Fund

The Dr. Angus Beck Comfort & Care Fund was established at the Community Foundation of PEI in 2024 in memory of Psychiatrist, Dr. Angus Beck.

Dr. Beck was a psychiatrist of 40 years in PEI. He provided care for over 6,000 patients during that time. Early in his career, he worked at Unit 9 and had his own private practice, but for the last 30 years he worked at the McGill Community Mental Health Center. He worked closely with the nurses, admin, and patients and their family during his years there. In the last two years, as he was slowly closing down his practice and moving toward retirement, he did it with thoughtfulness and with the well-being of each and every individual under his care. The number of times people have come up to his family over the last number of weeks and said that he quite literally saved their life is astounding. For all of the people who were saved or impacted by his care and concern, there was also the additional ripple effect on the lives of the people in their inner circle. This butterfly effect of positivity and love is endless and his legacy will extend beyond all of us through his good deeds and the exemplary care he gave his patients.

The fund has been established to support Islanders struggling with their mental health and PEI organizations that support mental health and addictions.

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